Just like all others, people of African descent are susceptible to the generic pattern baldness. This calls for them to see the help of hair restoration. Hair restoration is the only way one can restore lost hair and enjoy the beauty of having hair on the scalp. Hair loss being a common occurrence, there are various ways of treating this problem.

Causes of Hair Loss in African Americans

The care and pride applied towards African American hair can cause irrevocable damage that leads to permanent hair loss. But the care and pride of African American hair is not the only cause of hair loss, there are also other causes such as:

  • Traction Alopecia
  • Central cicatricial centrifugal alopecia.

These are the major causes of hair loss among people of African American descent. Luckily enough, there is a solution that can help African Americans to restore their hair back.

What is the solution?

Hair loss among African Americans can be treated by Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This is the most popular method of treating hair loss.

There have been questions about suitability of FUE as a method of treating hair loss among African Americans. These questions have mainly been raised due to the nature of African Americans’ hair. Their curly hair is what makes the whole process questionable.

Does FUE work among African Americans?

Many doctors recommend the use of FUE as a way of restoring back hair on the scalp. This method works very well among African Americans. Therefore, African Americans facing hair loss can comfortably use FUE as the method of treatment.

However, there are bound to be challenges with African American FUE hair transplant. One of the challenges is that the process will take quite long. The curly nature of African Americans’ hair is what makes the process to be long. But is better for the process to be long and enjoy the benefits of FUE.

Why FUE?

  • It restores hair lost
  • It is a natural process
  • Permanent results

There are many more reasons for African Americans choosing FUE method as the technique for treating hair loss.