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Washing Your Hair After Having a Hair Transplant

Patients often wonder when they can start washing their hair after a transplantation operation. Because your head may feel itchy and your recipient area will be covered with scabs. Doctors usually recommend patients to wash their hair in the third or fourth day after the operation. You will get rid

Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out?

Everyone who had or will have a hair transplant would like to know the answer to this question. Will their newly transplanted hair ever fall out? But answering that question can be tricky. Because there are multiple factors at play that determine hair loss. How can you be certain that

Sparse Hair Problem

Having sparse hair is a problem that can affect anyone. It can be an innate condition or can occur later in life as a result of various factors. These factors can be listed as hereditary or genetic factors, hormonal shifts and imbalances, various illnesses, excessive stress, and an unhealthy diet.

What is Hair Analysis And How is it Done?

There are countless people around the world who complain about hair loss and baldness problems. When precautions are taken before it is too late, you may have the chance to stop or at least reduce the hair loss problem. If you see that your parents or a majority of your

How Should Your Nutrition be After Hair Transplant?

If you have had a hair transplant operation and you wish to get the best results possible, there is a couple of things that you should do. Preserving the newly transplanted hair follicles and giving them the proper nutrition after the hair transplant is one of the most important things

What Should Be Done For Successful Hair Transplantation

To call a hair transplant operation successful there are a couple of things that need to be achieved. The density and the natural look of the hairlines are the main objectives of a hair transplant. A good clinic with hair transplantation experts will offer you individual plans to answer your

Hair Transplantation for Women

Thin hair and hairlessness are no longer a nightmare with hair transplantation for women. The complaint of hair rarity increases day by day. With the developing hair transplantation techniques, woman can have hair transplant without hesitating and they can have dream bush and healthy hair. Most important techniques are:  

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