Hair loss causes sparse hair and baldness problems. Sparse hair is one of the issues which affects people’s psychology negatively as well as lowering their self-confidence. The most permanent and successful method to deal with these problems is hair transplant. However, after hair transplant operations some unfortunate situations may occur. Failed hair transplant operations are one of them, which is caused due to inexperienced specialists or inadequate clinics.

This year, “Can failed hair transplant be corrected?” has been one of the most asked questions we received about hair transplant operations. Thanks to the advanced technology, it is possible to perform corrective hair transplant operation.

What is a failed hair transplant?

Due to failed applied techniques during a hair transplant, there may be undesired results in the transplanted area. These are:

  • the final look is far from being natural,
  • hair does not start from the hairline,
  • the hair follicles grow as if they are sticked to each other,
  • if the channels in the recipient area are not opened according to the direction of the hair follicles in the donor area, the transplanted hair will grow opposite direction, which will make the patient have an unpleasant look.

Correction of the Failed Hair Transplant

There are many places which are not approved by the Ministry of Health and employs unexperienced specialists and perform hair transplant. In order not to deal with such problems after a hair transplant operation, you must make a research about clinics and specialists very carefully. But if you are too late to think about them and have had a failed hair transplant, you can correct it with a corrective hair transplant . Corrective hair transplant is an operation which is more difficult and requires more experience than a normal hair transplant operation. The specialist must definitely avoid making any mistakes as the donor area will be operated for the second time.

Corrective hair transplant operations offer solutions such:

  • If the donor area is in good shape, the hair transplant operation is performed again from the beginning.
  • The patient’s hairline can be fixed.
  • The hair transplant can be corrected using various techniques to provide natural look.
  • If the transplanted hair amount was determined wrongly before and there are gaps in your hair, a reinforcement of hair follicles can be performed to the area.
  • New hair follicles can be transplanted around the sticky looking hair to camouflage the failed hair transplant.

Price of the Corrective Hair Transplant

Price of the hair transplant operations in Istanbul  varies according to the width of the operation area. The wider the transplanted area, the more the corrective hair transplant operation’s price will increase. There are many patients who had hair transplant for a low price and now have these problems. For this reason, you must find clinics and specialists who have proven their success in the hair transplant operations. We perform both normal and corrective hair transplant operations in our clinic. We have had successful results in the hair transplant operations in Antalya for years and we will be happy to help you. You can contact us if you want to get examined in our clinic and learn more about the price of the corrective hair transplant.