We take a lot of questions about how to have a successful operation on the upper part of the head. Furthermore, you asked why the results are less recognizable there and what is the reason for it etc.

The hair transplantation operation onto the upper back part of the head, starting from the rotating point of the hair follicles, forces the surgeons. Because this area in the scalp is upright and much more recognizable than any other areas of the scalp. We can call this area ‘’billboard’’ area of the scalp. To some patients, it’s is the most attention-getting point of the head. It is a little bit more difficult to cover this place in a single session and achieve satisfactory results.

It is easier to provide a visual density in the hair follicles. Because they are stored one after another in the front part of the head. But for the Vertex area, as the hairs are spreading around as a wind rose, the rafts should also be transplanted likewise. Otherwise, it is difficult to provide a visual intensity.

Other Things You Must Know

The top has relatively fewer blood vessels than the front part of the head. Therefore, the number of newly growing hair follicles can be less after hair transplantation or hair loss can be more in the front parts. In other words, when a single session of hair transplantation from front to back is planned for our patients who have large shedding (especially if the aperture is wide). The clinic must inform the patients in advance that the transplantation may not be satisfactory. Or one extra hair transplantation or revision may be needed for successful results.  And also hair growth in the Vertex area can be up to 3.5- 4 months.

We highly recommend the supportive treatments like PRP, which is also known as ‘’fertilizer to the newly planted seeds.’’ When platelets are injected intensively into hair transplantation areas, improvement and increase in hair follicle nutrition can be observed. Thus, increasing the viability of the grafts are allowing new hair follicles to grow more quickly.

Finally, you should consider that the success of the result after hair transplantation can be vary depending on the difference of the structure of hair (thin or thick hair, straight or curly) or the structure of the scalp, or colour/tone difference, harmony between skin and hair colour etc.