The FUE Method used in eyebrow transplantation is different than the original one. The doctor picks the hair grafts with 0.7 mm needles and the living parts of hair don’t wait separately for a long duration of time. Thanks to this, the operation prevents hair loss and every graft will come out successfully.

What happens after the eyebrow transplantation?

Contrary to the hair transplantation which is performed with sharp tools The eyebrow transplantation is done by tiny 0.7 needles which are used for injection. This leads to a painless operation. hairline veins and eyebrow roots stay unharmed. Even though it is a more difficult process than standard FUE, the process done without canal opening results in better hair roots. The eyebrows will come out with a 25 to 30-degree angle as the operator opens the holes one by one with different needles. Because of the Fibrosis (healing tissue), there might be some follicles changing angle but its perfectly normal and inevitable.

The graft taking and transplantation processes don’t need special care or medicine. You can wash the area but don’t try to clean the clot at once. They will get better in time. There are two reasons why the area looks dirty. One is the clots which you can get rid of after 4 showers. The second one is a little skin follicle. They will loose after ten days.

How Do You Clean After the Eyebrow Transplantation?

We prefer you to use a cleaning set. If you don’t want to use this set do the followings. After 48 hours have your everyday shower. After 2-3 showers you can clean 2-3 in a row. You can clean your eyebrow with your nails after 12 days. You can see the final version of your eyebrow at the end of 12 days. Decide your future eyebrow these days if you want any change in shape and thickness.

Does Transplanted Hair Lose After?

Around 2 to 6 weeks eyebrows get loose completely or partially. The loose hair will come out again around 4 to 8 months. At the end of a year, all the hair come out again. Using tweezers may cause hair loss and it won’t come out again.

Is There any Bruise and Swelling After the Eyebrow Transplantation?

You can see and feel swelling after the transplantation with canal opening. It is nothing serious and it will get better in 4 days. A bruise is same as the swelling and nothing can be done instead of waiting.

Does Eyebrow Transplantation Look Natural?

You can get a more natural result after successful transplantation. The doctor should follow the steps carefully. The eyebrow stays until the age of 70. You can shave the transplanted hair but they may never come out again.