The issue of balding can be overcome with hair transplantation. You will probably want to see your results immediately after the operation. But seeing the results may take a long time. You have to be patient during the hair growth phase after a hair transplant.

It is very hard to tell when your new hair starts to grow as it varies depending on the person. But, generally speaking, it should start about after 3 months.

But before going any further, let’s start from the day of the operation. Your scalp will heal within two weeks after the operation takes place. Your newly transplanted follicles will have attached to your scalp with the completion of the healing period. But your new hair will start to fall out a month after the operation. Your newly transplanted follicles go into the resting phase (telogen) to recover and grow stronger. Telogen phase lasts about a few months and its length may vary depending on the person. After a few months, your hair will enter the growth phase (anagen) and start to grow naturally. These periods are quite normal. It shows that all is going the way it should.

Your hair will start to grow when your follicles enter into the anagen phase. Roughly about twenty-five per cent of your hair will have grown after four months from your operation. This number will be sixty per cent by the sixth month. But after the sixth month, your hair will grow gradually slower. Within ten months, ninety per cent of your hair will have grown.

You will have to wait for about a year and a half to see the complete results. So, you have to be very patient. But as we have mentioned before, the growth phase is different for everyone. It may take more time to see the results.

We should also mention that each follicle enters the growth phase independently from the other ones. So, some strands of hair may seem weaker, but they will be inseparable from the others after some time.

If you have any concerns about your growth phase after a hair transplant, then you should consult your doctor.