One of the most important elements of successful hair transplant is creating a natural hairline. The doctor performing hair transplant should make a promise of creating a natural hairline design during the hair transplant process.

There are basic principles that guide hairline design with hair transplant. These principles require the doctor performing the surgical process to know the extent to which hairline region should reach.

There are three smaller zones in which this extended hairline region can be divided. They are:

  1. The traditional transition zone, which is at the anterior portion
  2. The defined zone which is at the posterior portion
  3. The frontal tuft area which is a small oval area in the central portion.

The overall hairline design is dependent on the contributions of all the three zones.

Steps to achieve Hairline Design with Hair Transplant

There are steps that should be taken to ensure that the hairline design created gives a natural-looking hairline. Here below are some of the crucial steps to creating a hairline design with hair transplant.

  • Careful planning and consultation: one of the most important steps that ensure the whole process is a success is planning and consultation. There should be proper planning and consultation to make sure that every detail of the patient is covered before the process begins.
  • No Straight Lines: there is the natural feeling to place grafts in a straight line. A good surgeon should overcome this inclination to create hairline design that will look natural.
  • Feathering zone: it is quite important to note that the hairline is not a line but rather a zone that separates the bald forehead and the hair behind it. In this zone, there should be follicular units containing just one or two hairs.
  • Direction when planting: direction of the hair when planting also has an effect on the final hairline design achieved by the surgeon. It is therefore of great importance for the surgeon to choose an appropriate direction considering the personal preference of the patient.

These are some of the basic steps that should be followed by an experienced surgeon to make an attractive and natural-looking hairline design with hair transplant.