Has hair loss become a problem for you? Don’t consider this as a problem anymore and take a relaxing breath.

Hair loss, regardless of gender and age, is a condition that can happen to every individual. Today, we have many so-called solutions in order to get rid of this unfortunate problem, from soap to medicine, from cream to cosmetics, there are plenty of solutions before us. And the method of hair transplantation has become a radical remedy for this issue and has become a method that makes many people smile.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant; provides an active, permanent and radical solution for people who have hair loss, hair thinning and baldness problems, and enables the hair follicles to be transplanted through micro surgical procedures to eliminate the problems that cause hair loss. Hair transplantation is performed under local anaesthesia and therefore patients do not feel pain. There are vitamins and creams that should be used for a short time after the procedure. Hair transplantation is one of the procedures that people struggling with this problem see as a permanent and only natural solution. That’s why hair has become very popular and reliable. Many people, ignoring the lack of self-confidence that comes with hair loss, started to look for the best solution, handed themselves over to the hair transplantation process, achieved good results and looked at the mirror with a smile. Since this development has been known and tried by most people, the hair transplantation process has become quite popular and the procedures have been continued with more advanced technological tools.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

Before considering to have a hair transplant, it is normal to have a thorough consideration. It is also part of this research that you gather a lot of information, decide what is the best process for you, and look for prices that fit your budget. Therefore, the issue of hair transplant prices is mentioned in the questions asked before hair transplantation. How Are Hair Transplant Prices Determined? In fact, the answer is very simple. There are a number of aspects to consider for having the exact hair transplant prices.

The method to be used for hair transplantation, among the factors, is very important. Therefore, the time to be spent and the result will crucially effect the result. In the hair transplant industry, our expert team achieves miraculous results. With new techniques, hair transplantation can be done without using any sharp tool, and scar. The most incredible thing is that hair follicles taken from other parts of our body in case of need can be useful. It is not correct to say that it is a single and suitable method for every person. Therefore, it is possible to see a change in price with the change of methods. The method applied varies according to the hair density and the amount of hair strands to be transplanted.

DHI and FUE processes are also among the factors that affect the price of the device used and the time spent and the method used. Another factor that affects hair transplantation prices in Turkey is the number of grafts. We call the number of roots collected to be transplanted from our head as grafts. The higher the number of grafts, the more the number of hair follicles. Along with this, the tight appearance in the hair will also increase. In this context, prices in hair transplantation in our country vary with the time taken by the method and method to be applied. Another variable situation is the number of sessions.

If we talk about hair transplant sessions, the applications of the individuals vary according to which methods and devices will be performed. Generally, the hair transplant operation can be completed in 3 sessions, but the price varies according to the person and the needs of the area to be transplanted. If you want to have a hair transplant and want to learn more about hair transplantation, we will be pleased to assist you. With our expert team and years of experience, we will continue to do our best to provide our customers with the best service in a sterile environment.