If you have had a hair transplant operation and you wish to get the best results possible, there is a couple of things that you should do. Preserving the newly transplanted hair follicles and giving them the proper nutrition after the hair transplant is one of the most important things that a patient should do in order to achieve the maximum efficiency from the hair transplant operation.

Choosing a diet which will include the types of food that contain the minerals and vitamins that you need for strengthening your newly growing hair after the operation. So the kind of food you will eat after the hair transplant should be nourishing your hair follicles because this will allow your newly transplanted hair follicles to regain their strength and growth rate as quickly as possible.

How should you avoid in your nutrition after the hair transplant operation?

After having a hair transplant operation if you want to increase the recovery rate of your cells and have a quick healing process you should pay attention to some rules while you are eating.

First of all, one should not eat too much or too little after a hair transplant operation. Some people may want to lose some of their extra weight after the hair transplant but following a strict diet that does not involve enough food may affect the healing and growth process of your new hair negatively. Same goes for eating too much because when you eat too much (especially in the first days after the hair transplant operation), the energy your body could use on your hair will be spent for digesting the heavy food that you have consumed.

You should also avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for as long as possible after the hair transplant operation. The cigarettes alone are harmful enough to undermine the success of the whole operation by preventing the newly transplanted hair follicles from growing and gaining strength. Alcohol consumption and digestion is also a very tiring process for the body and losing your coordination after drinking may result in with traumas you will receive to your head without even noticing.

What kind of food should you prefer after the hair transplant?

After the hair transplant operation, if you want the healing process to last for a short period of time and have your hair growing back quickly, you can choose some certain foods that contain the vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that your hair needs for gaining strength.

You can consult your doctor and ask for a diet list that involves the kind of nutrients that your hair will need after the hair transplant operation but if you wish to decide on your own diet list after making your research, that is also a possible option if you place the correct food in your list.

Consuming foods that are rich in vitamin A, C and E, folic acid, biotin, iron and zinc is going to have multiple benefits for speeding up the healing process and having your natural and healthy-looking hair grow in the minimum needed time because your hair will be nourished properly through blood circulation to your scalp and the number of hair follicles that you will lose after the hair transplant will be minimal.