You have to do hair care after having a hair transplant. Many people forget about this altogether. But doing the necessary hair care is essential for getting the best results out of the operation.

There are many ways to look after your hair after having a hair transplant operation. The first way to do it is to wash your hair using special products. Doctors will provide you with some special care shampoos and lotions after your operation. You can start to use these products after four days later from your operation.

Gently apply these products to your recipient and donor areas. You apply the lotion, wait for half an hour, and then wash your hair with the special shampoo. Be careful not to scratch your head. Any damage could cause your transplants to fall out. You should also avoid using hot water. Use lukewarm water instead. Perform this procedure daily until the scabs on your head completely go away. You should be very careful while drying your head. Do not rub your head. Do not apply pressure. Gently place the towel on your head and let it soak up the water.

You can also use creams to get rid of the scars on your donor area. But don’t use these products on your recipient area. You can apply these creams twice a day.

Using antibiotics is very important. Any inflammation of the recipient area may cause your transplants to detach from their canals. This would badly affect the results and cause disappointment.

You can also use nutritional supplements to keep your hair strong and healthy. Experts recommend supplements with biotin as it is known to strengthen hair. To see lasting results, you have to use such supplements for at least six months. You can obtain supplements with biotin content at pharmacies.

Massaging the scalp is also beneficial as it increases blood circulation. But you should be extra careful and gentle because you might accidentally damage your transplants.

Things to be Careful About After a Hair Transplant

Smoking and consuming alcohol could damage your hair greatly. Do not smoke or consume any alcohol for at least a week after the operation.

Avoid exposing yourself to direct sunlight for a few days after the procedure. Wear a hat if you have to go out during the daytime.

We have mentioned this before and you probably know this by now but do not scratch your head or touch it even. You could seriously damage your recipient area, causing your new hair to fall out.

Do not tire yourself too much as this puts pressure on your scalp. Too much pressure could cause your grafts to pop out.

Avoid activities that make you sweat. Sweating, especially during the first couple of days, could displace your follicles. It also causes your head to itch even more.

Doing hair care regularly and avoiding the things we have mentioned above will help you get the best possible results after the operation.