Some people may not have enough hair on the back of their heads to be used as a donor. In these cases, doctors can harvest the hair from the patient’s body. The hair located in the chest can be used as donors.

The number of donor grafts is crucial to achieve the wanted results. If there aren’t enough donor grafts, then it is a bit pointless to have a hair transplant. But thanks to the latest technological improvements in the field of hair transplantation, everyone can have a hair transplant now.


The hair located on the patient’s chest has to be extracted one by one. So, hair transplantation using chest hair is only possible with the FUE and the DHI methods.

The operation is the same as the regular hair transplantation using the FUE and the DHI methods. The only difference is the surgeons use the patient’s chest as the donor area. They apply local anaesthesia to the patient’s chest. Then extract the identified donor grafts.


One of the biggest downsides of using chest hair as donor’s hair is how difficult it is to extract chest hair. The hair located in the chest grows at an angle underneath the skin. These follicles easily break when stretched. This makes the extraction process very difficult. Even the most experienced surgeons can have a hard time during the extraction process. Almost half of the follicles, on average, break during extraction. This also extends the operation time.

Another downside is the difference between the structure of scalp hair and chest hair. The hair located on the chest is mostly thinner compared to the scalp hair. That’s why the surgeons have to pick the donor ones carefully. With the FUE and the DHI methods, the surgeons can pick the donors one by one. But this doesn’t eliminate the risk completely. Your results will depend on the quality of the hair on your chest.

Healing Period After the Operation

The healing period is also quite similar to regular hair transplantation operations. The chest area will heal completely within a week. The new strands of hair will start to grow on around the third month. After six months, your hair will have grown noticeably, and you can see your complete results after a year.

As we have stated before, the results of these operations depend on the quality of the hair located on the patient’s chest. Consult your doctor to see if you are a viable candidate.