In the field of hair transplantation, No Shave Hair Transplant is one of the latest developments. This method is getting more popular by the day. The popularity of this method is due to the many benefits associated with it. Some of the benefits of using this method will be discussed after looking into the general procedure of No Shave Hair Transplant.


  • Just like any other hair transplant process, there is the use of local or general anesthesia before the extraction process begins.
  • The doctor will then extract adequate number of grafts from the donor area.
  • Around 1500 grafts of hair is used in non-shave operation. Another 2 cm are of donor area can be extracted if the grafts are not enough.
  • Non-shave method can be used by both men and women if their hair are long enough.


  • The length of the hair will be decided on the density of the receiving area. Hair density of less than 15 grafts/per cm2 don’t need to short hair.

Benefits of No Shave Hair Transplant

There are many benefits of using the No Shave Hair Transplant as a way of treating hair loss. Here below are some of the top benefits.

  1. No operation scars

One of the major benefits is that there will be no operation scars on donor and recipient areas when this method is used.

  1. Comfortable

Given the fact that your hair is not short, you will be quite comfortable using this method of hair transplant. There will be less attention towards you since the hair will cover the operation scar.

  1. Heals fast

Within no time, you can get back to your daily routine. The scar heals fast giving you the ability to go back to your daily routine.

These are some of the top benefits of using the No Shave Hair Transplant. It is therefore, very clear that this method works best. Therefore, you don’t have to shave your hair to perform hair transplant.