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DHI FUE Hair Transplant

DHI Fue Hair Transplantation results in natural-looking and permanent hair.

Baldness is a common problem for many people, especially for men. Although it doesn’t cause any health problems, the psychological pressure of this problem for many people cannot be underestimated. Although it is not possible to avoid baldness, with present facilities, by hair transplantation, it is possible to find a definitive solution for baldness.

The success rate of Hair Transplantation is high. We have many experts in this area and with an economic price, Turkey has become one of the hair transplantation centers of the world. However, by following technology closely, Fue Hair Transplantation, which is considered as the latest technology in hair transplantation, can be applied in many hair transplant centers.

What is DHI FUE Hair Transplantation?
In classic transplantation methods, hair follicles to be transplanted were transferred into strips with the skin tissue. In the DHI  FUE method, hair follicles to be transplanted are taken one by one with the help of special devices and they are implanted with choi pen to the recepient area.
DHI technique provide quicker recovery time as well as  high densitiy implantation  because grafts are implanted directly with incision.

With the DHI FUE method;
* In a few days daily life can be continued.
* It is possible to get the desired results in a single session and in one day.
* Absolutely cuts and surgery scars will not occur.
* There is no hair loss during the transport and transplanted hair follicles are permanent.
* Hair grows in a natural way and at the end of a few months, no visible traces of the transplantation.
*It is not only from the nape region, it is also possible to transplant hair follicles from other parts of the body.
*If deemed appropriate, it is possible to transplant even without shaving the other region of the head.
*It is extremely attractive for those who want to have transplantation without disrupting their work and everyday life.
* It provide quicker recovery time because  surgeon does not create incision before implantation and grafts are implanted directly.
* High densitiy implantation is ensured with DHI

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