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Orenda Biotechnic Application (Hair Loss)

Swiss Apple Malus Domestica Extract: Strengthens hair and is effective against loss.

orenda-bioteknicFrom the first day we were born with our hair, which grows and lives with us, unfortunately has got a shorter life than ours. It is possible to say that the many underlying reasons such as genetic factors, health problems, poor maintenance, malnutrition, and other external factors, cause this situation.  So as not to lose hair much earlier than the normal time and to ensure to have much more vibrant and powerful hair, many people now prefer the professional support and clinical practice. One of the most notable examples of this recent method is Orenda Biotechnic Application.

What is Orenda Biotechnic Application?
Orenda Biotechnic Application is a clinical treatment that makes the hair follicles much stronger, makes hair more vibrant and appear shiny. There is Malus Domestica extract in the basis of the treatment which was registered as the “most innovative active herbal ingredients of the year” in 2008, In-cosmetics Exhibition, in Spain. The effect of the most important feature of this miracle that comes from nature is the first natural stem cell extract and accelerating cell renewal.

How is Orenda Biotechnic Application Done?
The treatment consists of two stages. In the first phase, hundreds of different micro-canals are opened on the scalp and ozone treatment process is implemented with the help of these canals. In this way, blood flow is accelerated in the scalp, activity of blood cells increases, and hair follicles can be induced. In the second stage of treatment, Malus Domestica extract prepared by ORENDA Biotechnic serum is applied to the hair roots and scalp. After that, massage is done so serum can better penetrate the hair follicles, and the treatment is ended.

Side Effects of Orenda Biotechnic Applicaiton
Applicaiton has no side effects. The person will be able to continue everyday life after application. After application, if you follow the advice given by the experts, hair will become very healthy and shiny and it will be much stronger against loss.

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