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PRP & Mesotherapy

Effective on hair loss, helps the formation of new and healthy hair.

prp-mezoterapiHair is one of the indispensable parts of our appearance. Perhaps our most valuable and special accessory we have. However, hair which is a part of our body may not have life as long as we want or because it is very sensitive to external influences can lose its vitality and strength over time. For this reason, the maintenance of hair requires many details such as hair nutrition, the order of daily life and routine maintenance. In cases where these methods are not enough, clinical management comes into play. According to the successful results obtained from clinical treatment, the most preferred methods are PRP and hair mesotherapy.

What is Mesotherapy and how is it done?
On the basis of hair mesotherapy, there are vitamins and minerals, which our hair follicles need, injected. For this, special mixtures are prepared in the laboratory, and carefully applied to the hair follicle in a clinical environment. In a normal diet, hair follicles cannot fulfill their needs, in this way, all the vitamins and minerals they need can penetrate directly. Thus, hair is much more vibrant, more powerful and can be more stubborn against loss.

What are the Side Effects of Hair Mesotherapy?
The prepared mixture comprises only vitamins and minerals that hair needs. Therefore, no known side effects of the therapy have been observed. One factor to be considered in this regard is whether the clinic center provides the sterile environment needed and whether they are experienced.

What is PRP and how is it done?
In PRP implication, a special mixture prepared for hair follicles is injected by syringe, as in the hair mesotherapy. However, the difference between them is mixtures prepared. PRP, so called Platelet Rich Plasma, is a formula that is derived from the client’s blood. For this, a very small amount of blood is taken from the person. Red blood cells are separated by centrifugation in a laboratory environment, and a gel is obtained which has a dense platelet ratio. Extremely high repair and regeneration property of this mixture is then applied to the hair follicles and hair is guaranteed to be much more powerful and vibrant.

Side Effects of PRP Therapy
Because of the mixture obtained from the person’s own blood there is no side effect, not even allergic reactions. Also in this therapy, the most important thing to be careful of is whether the clinic has adequate conditions and how much it is experienced.

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