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Hair Restoration & Correction

Failed hair transplantation turns out to be a nightmare.

sac-ekimi-duzeltmeToday, many people are struggling against hair loss, so they are necessarily applying to hair transplantation as a last resort. Turkey is perhaps one of the most preferred centers in the world in this field. Therefore we’re particularly concerned by the growing interest in our country against plantation. It’s quite an opportunity; however, many inexperienced centers which are seizing the opportunity of the interest in this sector have begun to serve. As a consequence, the number of people who are not satisfied with the transplantation has been unfortunately increasing day by day. Dispelling negativity depends on hair transplant restoration and correction experts.

In which cases are hair restorations and corrections done?

* When transplanted hair grows at right angles, unlike existing hair, like a chia pet.

* When a large amount of hair loss has been seen as a result of incorrect transplanting.

* When it is necessary to eliminate image distortion caused by the transplanted hair at the wrong angle.

* When it is desired to not have any visible traces, because of the plantation made by FUT method also known as classical method.

* When hair seen not as a whole but as strips in the classical method of the transplantations.

Almost all the correction operations have been done to correct the errors of non-experts in such operations. Therefore, without falling into the same trap a second time, it is important to get help from the person skilled in the field. Contrary to popular belief, correction operations require serious expertise, because of insufficient resources and a more demanding implementation. So the process can be much more challenging and longer compared to a normal transplantation. Sometimes even more than one session may be needed to see the best results. For this reason, people who have hair transplantation for the first time, not to be in need of such a process have to make the right choice; this is the first aspect that should be considered.

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