Patients often wonder when they can start washing their hair after a transplantation operation. Because your head may feel itchy and your recipient area will be covered with scabs.

Doctors usually recommend patients to wash their hair in the third or fourth day after the operation. You will get rid of the scabs with the help of special lotions. But the recipient area must be treated gently and carefully.

Washing your hair during the healing period is an important and delicate process. If you are not careful, you might damage your newly transplanted follicles. That is why the first hair wash is preferred to be done by the clinic staff. This way you reduce the chance of damaging your follicle almost to zero. Also, you get to learn how to wash your hair during the healing period, what to avoid and what to do.

The Importance of Washing Your Hair During Healing Period

Your newly transplanted follicles will be very sensitive, especially during the first week after your operation takes place. They are yet to attach to your scalp, so, any wrong move will cause them to detach completely and fall out. It may seem risky, but don’t worry, you will learn how to wash your hair during the healing period.

Washing your hair during this period is important. Scabs that occur on your scalp prevent your follicles from “breathing” so to speak. With proper products and methods, you will be able to get rid of these scabs. Your scalp will feel better and your wounds will heal faster once you get rid of them. So, it is important to learn how to wash your hair during this period. And remember that you will have to keep doing it for a month until your wounds fully heal.

How to Wash Your Hair After the Operation

First of all, it is important to follow your doctor’s advice on when to have your first hair wash. You should wait for at least 3 days before washing your hair. The doctor may suggest that you should have your first wash on the fourth day depending on the condition of your scalp.

In the clinics, the staff begins the washing procedure by gently applying lotion to the patient’s recipient area. That lotion settles on the patient’s head for about 40 minutes so that it softens the scabs on the patient’s head. Then the staff gently washes away the lotion with warm water.

After that, the staff gently applies some shampoo to the patient’s head and then washes it away with warm water. Everything must be done gently and slowly so that the follicles don’t get damaged. After the washing is complete, the hair is left to dry by itself.

Things to be Careful of While Washing Your Hair

  • Don’t try to scrape the scabs with your fingernails.
  • Avoid using hot or cold water.
  • Pressurized water will damage your follicles and even cause them to detach.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions on how to wash your hair.
  • Don’t dry your hair with towels, let it dry by itself.
  • Prefer paraben-free shampoos with natural content.
  • Do not try to wash your hair on your own. Get help from a friend.
  • If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask them your doctor.