There are many ways to stop or prevent hair loss before going for a hair transplant. People with hair related problems prefer to try supplemental treatments like hair mesotherapy first to tackle any issues they experience.

Hair mesotherapy is an effective practice that is available worldwide. It is the process of injecting vitamins, minerals, and keratolytic agents into the patient’s scalp. Vitamins, minerals and keratolytic agents feed the hair and help it get stronger and healthier. Hair mesotherapy is up to eight times more effective than any conventional haircare products available on the market.

How Does It Work?

As we said before, it feeds your follicles with its vitamin, mineral and keratolysis content. The follicles, which get the nutrients they need, get stronger and healthier. But besides that, hair mesotherapy increases the blood flow on your scalp. Increased blood flow feeds your follicles more efficiently. If you regularly have hair mesotherapy, it will have a longer-lasting effect and your hair will be fed continuously.

How Is It Performed?

Hair mesotherapy is a delicate procedure. It consists of five stages. If any of these five stages is not performed properly, then you might experience some negative outcomes. So, it requires caution and experience.

The first stage is the thermotherapy. During thermotherapy, the expert keeps your scalp under hot ozonated vapor for about fifteen minutes. This softens your scalp so that the injection can be more effective. It also reduces any chance of feeling pain.

Then the expert injects the mixture into your scalp using a device called mesotherapy gun. This device first opens up tiny holes to your scalp to stimulate the blood flow. After that, the expert injects the mixture through this device’s tiny needles. This process takes about only six minutes in total.

Then the expert applies a special lotion to your hair, then gently washes and partially dries it.

Once your hair is partially dry, the expert applies a special mixture into your scalp. This mixture accelerates the healing process of the wounds on your scalp. It has a painkiller effect as well.

Finally, the expert applies a special oil to your scalp. This oil protects your scalp for up to six hours.

How Often Should You Get a Hair Mesotherapy?

If you are experiencing hair loss, hair mesotherapy can be helpful for you. Four sessions of hair mesotherapy (once in a week) can stop your hair loss. If it is not enough, you can have up to eight sessions of hair mesotherapy.

The time between the sessions shouldn’t be more than ten days and it shouldn’t be less than three days either. You can also have hair mesotherapy during the seasonal changes even if you stopped your hair loss problem. It can prepare your hair for the seasonal changes.

Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy stops your hair loss significantly. It thickens your follicles and increases their lifespan. You will have glossier and healthier hair after hair mesotherapy. Hair mesotherapy also activates the follicles that are on the resting phase. It protects your hair’s original color, meaning that it delays hair whitening. Since it stops the issue of hair loss, it postpones any plan of hair transplantation. It may even eliminate the need for having a hair transplant altogether.

Anyone who is experiencing hair loss can be a candidate for a hair mesotherapy. Consult your doctor to get informed about hair mesotherapy.