Does the Hair Transplant Clinic Staff Have the Expertise to Handle Different Surgical Instruments and Tools?

It is essential that any medical office that performs in-office surgery, regardless of the type of anesthesia used, has the necessary equipment, protocols, and staff to ensure a safe and successful procedure. Depending on the preferences of the surgeon and the patient, anxiolytics may be administered before the operation. It is also important to have a surgeon with experience in selecting the right patient for hormone therapy. The FUE hair transplant technique allows you to wear long or very short hair without worrying about showing a linear scar.

During an FUE hair transplant procedure, the surgeon removes (extracts) follicular units from the back of the scalp with a surgical instrument that has a diameter of. The cylindrical surgical instrument is chosen based on the size of the hair follicles. Since hairs are extracted one by one, an FUE hair transplant procedure will not leave a linear scar on the back of the scalp, as occurs with FUT surgery. Instead, scars are individual puncture-sized marks spread across the back of the scalp, which are difficult to detect even when viewed from close up. The FUE technique can be used for hair transplants, hairline reduction, eyebrow transplants, beard transplants and scar revisions.

If you prefer to wear your hair very short, you can consider the FUE collection method instead of the FUT collection method to avoid visible linear scarring. Once the hairs have been removed, our highly trained medical technicians prepare the donor's follicles under a high-powered stereo microscope. Using a stereo microscope allows our surgical team to examine each follicle to ensure that it is of the best quality for transplantation. At Jae Pak MD Medical, we use the most advanced technology to guarantee our patients get the best results. If you want to have the option of wearing your hair very short on the back of your scalp, FUE is the best hair transplant collection method.

Two advantages of choosing this collection method include minimal aftercare and healing consisting only of small puncture-sized marks. Hair follicle implantation is identical for FUE, Long Hair FUE and FUT (STRIP) collection methods, and all are reliable methods. The surgeon's technical skill relates to how hairs are removed from the donor area (extracted). The surgeon's artistic skill relates to how hairs are placed (implanted) in the receiving area. These two factors determine the final result.

FUE is a collection or extraction technique. The final results will depend on how hairs are placed or implanted, rather than how they are removed. The surgeon's skill level and artistic ability will influence the quality and naturalness of hair transplant results. The placement or implantation of hair follicles is identical for extraction with FUE and with FUT (STRIP).

The doctor will individually plan and create sites where each hair follicle will be placed in correct direction and angle, and distribute grafts correctly. This is a very meticulous job and that's why it's so important to choose an experienced doctor with technical and artistic skills. Schedule an FUE Hair Transplant Consultation with Jae Pak, MD. You don't have to choose same type of procedure for your second surgery; your doctor will help you determine which procedure will best help you meet your goals. If you decide to undergo a second FUT procedure, Dr. Pak can remove old scar while removing strip of hair follicles so that only one new scar remains.

Experience, techniques used, tools used and quality control all affect outcome of procedure. Pak uses manual instruments for its FUE and FUT extractions which results in minimal damage to hair and good extraction rate. Less experienced doctors cause significant damage to graft hair. There is no certification for collection of FUE; few doctors have been trained to perform this technique because in general training is not available. He is one of pioneers of FUE in addition to being one of inventors of technology used for ARTAS robot; however he has discovered that using his artistic and technical skills to manually extract hair follicles produces better results than using robot.

Pak has 15 years full-time experience performing FUE, Long Hair FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures. At Jae Pak MD Medical your surgeon will remove FUE grafts and create sites where grafts will be implanted; experienced well-trained full-time medical technicians will prepare grafts with special microscopes and implant grafts depending on incision sites: Dr. You should always ask your surgeon about their experience and who will perform what aspects of surgery. Hair Transplants of Florida strongly recommends that you take your time and do enough research to make an informed decision. In general complications after hair transplantation are rare given strong blood supply to scalp allowing for rapid healing and low infection rates. In addition United States National Library of Medicine (National Institutes of Health) has stated that FUE hair transplant technique shows clear advantages over other hair transplant techniques and serves as important alternative to traditional hair transplantation. Understanding relevant anatomy and physiology of hair and hair cycle is essential to maximize hair transplant results; if you are considering undergoing a hair transplant procedure for first time give us chance to make it smooth and successful experience for you. Two types of hair transplant techniques predominate including follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) techniques; however if person's donor area is weak and area to be covered is wide this means there may not be any chance undergoing second hair transplant session in future and hairline should be designed with this in mind. It remains imperative to identify risk factors and perform thorough evaluation patient before performing hair transplant; number patients who undergo a hair transplant at each these stages...

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