What is the Success Rate of Hair Transplants at a Clinic?

Hair transplants are a popular and effective solution for restoring hair growth after many causes of hair loss. An accredited hair clinic that offers FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) typically has a success rate of around 60 to 70%, which is considered to be the industry standard. Similarly, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) has a success rate of 90 to 95%.The success of a hair transplant depends on the skill, knowledge, and experience of the doctor performing the procedure. With FUE ROBOTIC technology, the success rate can reach 100%.

During the consultation process, the doctor and patient should discuss the number of follicular units needed to achieve adequate coverage according to the patient's specific hair loss rate, and the final orientation of the hairline. The patient's personal goals should also be discussed at this time. The cost of hair transplant surgery varies depending on the number of follicular units needed to achieve adequate coverage. Men with fine hair or baldness on the top or front of the head are ideal candidates for ARTAS robotic transplantation. Hair transplant surgery has come a long way since it was first mentioned in the medical academy in 1939. The success rate of a hair transplant in the crown area is between 60 and 70%.

When the right volume of follicular units is transplanted to achieve adequate coverage, an FUE hair transplant should have a 100 percent success rate. New hair takes a while to grow, but by around six months you should be able to see your new hair grow, and between 12 and 18 months after treatment, you should be enjoying all the results.

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