What Aftercare Should You Expect from a Hair Transplant Clinic?

When it comes to hair transplantation, the process of recovery and post-transplant care is just as important as the procedure itself. At UnitedCare, a dermatology clinic, we provide detailed instructions and a helpline to ensure that our patients receive all the guidance they need for a successful outcome. Before the transplant, the doctor will work with you to plan a new hairline and the place where the hair will be transplanted to ensure that the final result looks as natural and realistic as possible. After the procedure, you should use a special shampoo that your clinic should provide along with other aftercare products.

This shampoo should be extremely light and fragrance-free. It is also important to stay away from barbershops and beauty salons for at least 4 to 5 weeks, until your new hair has undergone initial recovery and is safe for physical contact. Swimming in either the sea or a pool is prohibited for at least one month after the hair transplant. We also recommend that our patients use minoxidil on both newly transplanted and intact hair.

If your skin is very dry and uncomfortable after 10 days of hair transplant (not before), you can use moisturizing products (that meet certain criteria) recommended only by your dermatologist. At UnitedCare, we understand that post-transplant care is essential for maximizing your hair transplant success rate. That's why we explain everything that's going to happen and everything you need to do to ensure a successful outcome. We also offer advanced tricopigmentation or ATP, the latest treatment offered exclusively at our clinic.

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